1) Expert Physiotherapists
Though our North York clinic is Cornerstone’s newest, our Physiotherapists are seasoned professionals. In order to work with Cornerstone a Physiotherapist has to have achieved a high level of post graduate education and shown a continued dedication to excellence. Our team in North York represent some of the most experienced clinicians you will find anywhere.

2) Outstanding Customer Service
Our commitment to excellence is not limited to our clinical team. Our administrative staff understand that we are always aiming to exceed expectations. We seek feedback on your Physiotherapy experience and work to continually improve. It is the mission of our North York clinic to be leaders by elevating the Physiotherapy experience for our patients.

3) Our beautiful New Facility
We have built a beautiful space on the 10th floor of the Hullmark Centre with private treatment rooms, a well-equipped gym space and excellent views of the North York area. We feel that your comfort and privacy are an important part of your rehabilitation experience and we have designed our clinic with that in mind.

4) Become a Part of the Cornerstone Family
At Cornerstone, our patients know that we are always in their corner. Once you are a Cornerstone patient you will always have trusted advisors to help you with the inevitable physical issues that pop up over the years. Whether it is a quick call, an email to your Physio, or a visit to the clinic, we strive to be an important part of your healthcare team long after you have reached your goals.

Give us a call and book your assessment. I am certain you will agree that Cornerstone’s North York clinic is the right place for you. And if you have any suggestions on how we could make it even better – let us know!