1)  Our shared philosophy – It all starts with a unified view of how patients should be treated. At Cornerstone, we insist on making our patient’s goals and needs, the driving force behind everything we do. We are all on a mission to create the best Physiotherapy experience for every patient in Toronto and we firmly believe the only way to do that is to let the patient’s priorities lead the way.

2)  Our commitment to clinical excellence – At Cornerstone we spend several hours every week collaborating with one another, studying and practicing the skill of delivering outstanding Physiotherapy. We have formal sessions where case studies are discussed and skills are shared and practiced. We collaborate on difficult cases to provide a fresh perspective and leverage the knowledge of our entire team. And we go out into the community to teach and mentor enthusiastic new Physiotherapists at University of Toronto, Western, and through the orthopaedic division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association. The staff at Cornerstone all pursue the highest levels of training in the field and are supported financially to assist with pursuing extra training.

3)  The best customer service – In health care, customer service is sometimes overlooked or a secondary priority. At Cornerstone we have an obsessive drive to provide the best customer service in Toronto and indeed the industry. We hire and train an amazing group of administrators, we seek feedback from our patients throughout and after their Physiotherapy experience and we act on that feedback 100% of the time. We believe that in order to be the best physiotherapy clinic we can be, we must see the entire experience through the patient’s eyes, and continuously improve on all areas. To be the best, one must be willing to constantly improve.

4)  Our model of care – We feel that the best Physiotherapy clinics provide more than just treatments. They provide guidance and develop a lasting positive relationship with a trusted and skilled professional. That is why all of the treatment at Cornerstone is provided by your physiotherapist one-on-one. We provide a full hour to thoroughly assess your condition and half hour follow-up appointments, where you have the undivided attention of your Physiotherapist. We think there is more to Physiotherapy than the application of a pre-determined treatment plan. Rather we feel the best Physiotherapists perform continuous assessment and adjustment of your plan. This level of care cannot be delivered by an assistant.

5)  Our physiotherapy clinics – We build our clinic environments to support clinical excellence and an outstanding customer experience. We have large clinics because we think that your treatment deserves a private room where you can work with your Physiotherapist without interruption or prying eyes and ears. We design and build beautiful, well-equipped clinics with great views of North York, midtown and downtown Toronto. We strive to design a space that is relaxing and effective. A calm and beautiful place that represents recovery to all of our patients.

For us Cornerstone is more than a series of Physiotherapy clinics. It is an ongoing experiment that strives to provide the best Physiotherapy experience possible for Toronto’s patients. This is what drives us and inspires us. We hope that when you are a patient of Cornerstone you will feel the difference that a passion for excellence makes and you will be inspired to achieve a great recovery.

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